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Trans Tasman AC Test started

The Trans-Tasman Test series has just started on Monday 23 April 2018 at the Wynnum Croquet Club in Brisbane, Australia.

Commentaries and results are now on Croquet Scores.

The format of this event is three two-day tests between Australia and New Zealand. Each test consists of 1 day of doubles (4 different mixed doubles pairing), and one day of singles (single gender – 4 women’s and 4 men’s), and the matches are all Best-of-Three, with time limits of 3hr, 3hr and 2hr (cumulative).

The teams are (in playing order):
New Zealand
Greg Bryant (Captain)
Aiken Hakes
Chris Shilling
Josh Freeth,
Jenny Clarke
Nina Mayard-Husson
Alison Robinson
Pam Fisher

Malcolm Fletcher
Edward Wilson
Greg Fletcher
Stephen Forster
Claire Bassett
Rosemary Landrebe
Alison Sharpe
Alix Verge

CCA newsletter, Atkins draw and other updates

CCA newsletter

The January 2018 CCA newsletter has been sent out to all Canterbury club secretaries. It is also available to download here.
If you want to be notified directly by email when a newsletter is available, or other notices from the CCA Website, enter your email under the heading Follow blog by email in the right-hand column of this page.

Atkins draw

The Atkins draw, rules and results reporting form are now on the CCA website.

There are four blocks with block play on Saturday 10, 17 and 24 February 2018 followed by a final at United on Saturday 17 March 2018.

Croquet Matters

Croquet Matters is the Croquet New Zealand newsletter. You can download a copy here.

You can sign up to directly get an email notification when a new Croquet Matters is sent out here.

If there is no copy on your club notice board, ask your secretary.

Arthur Ross

The Arthur Ross competition is a handicap singles association croquet event that is played at club, association and national level.

Representatives from Canterbury clubs will meet at the association playoff on Saturday 3 February 2018 at Elmwood Croquet Club.

The National playoff will be at Morrinsville from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 March.

Don Reylands Stars

The Don Reylands Stars is a handicap singles golf croquet event that is played at club, association and national level.

Representatives from Canterbury clubs will meet at the association playoff on Sunday 4 February 2018 at Hornby Croquet Club.

The national playoff, with one representative from each NZ association will be played at Fendalton Park Croquet Club Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March 2018.

World AC championship

The world AC championship will be played in and around Wellington 3-11 February. Most of the players in the NZ Open at United last week will be there. You can follow results on CroquetScores.

The qualifying tournament for the last few places is being played in Palmerston North Tuesday 30 January to Thursday 1 February 2018. You can follow results on CroquetScores. At the time of writing Cantabrian Ian Campbell has won both of the games he has played so far.

Edward Wilson wins the NZ Open

The 2018 NZ AC Open was played at United and Fendalton Park croquet clubs. The doubles were covered in a previous post.  There were 38 entries in the singles that started with four blocks that were played from Tuesday 23  to Thursday 25 January. The top four from each block played in the knockout with the rest qualifying for the Heenan Plate. Every round of the knockout was played as best-of-three matches. Of the 35 games played in the knockout there were only three triple-peels which reflects the challenging lawns and hoops prepared by  the manager, Chris Clarke. Lena Metcalf was at United every day looking after catering.

Edward Wilson from Australia won the 2018 New Zealand AC Open today at United Croquet Club beating Stephen Mulliner of England in a 2-0 final. Edward and Stephen were runners-up in  the doubles. See the previous post for more on the doubles.

The other semi-finalists were Greg Bryant (West Cost) and Jenny Clarke (United).

The Heenan Plate (for players who did not make the knockout) was won by John Christie (Thames Valley) with Josh Freeth (Auckland and ex United) runner-up.

Alain Giraud (England) won the Bronze Medal with Brian Cumming (Canada) runner-up.  The Bronze Medal is a new event for players eliminated from the knockout.

The Charles Jones Slaver, for the best player with scratch or greater handicap, was won by Lindsay David (Australia).

NZ Open Doubles results

Sam Murray & Chris Shilling, winners of the NZ Open Doubles

Chris Shilling (Otago) and Sam Murray (Scotland) won a close final game over Stephen Mulliner (England) and Edward Wilson (Australia) to win the NZ Open Doubles. The final was a best-of-three and Chris and Sam won the first game. After time was called on the second game, Stephen and Edward were one hoop ahead. Sam took the longer shot and pegged out to equalise a resulting with two balls off the lawn. After Stephen played, Chris got the roquet and made his hoop the take the game and the championship.

Ian Burridge (Wales) and Alain Giraud (England) won the Plate Knockout with Greg Bryant (West coast ) and Felix Webby (Taranaki) runners-up.

The singles will start Tuesday. There will be block play at United and Fendalton Park Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 January followed by the main knockout and the plate.

All results and commentaries are on CroquetScores.


CCA AC Grade Champs results

John Yarrall (right), winner of the 0-4 grade

The CCA AC Grade Champs was played on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January 2018. After the recent rain, Barrington Park Croquet Club was unplayable, so it was played at United Croquet Club.

The first day was damp with wet lawns, but Sunday was fine and hot with the lawns drying out and speeding up significantly.

There were 5 entries in the 0-4 grade that was played as a single round robin. John Yarrall, who won all his games won the grade. Leo van Oosten and Tony O’Donnell (who also managed the tournament) won two games, but Leo was runner-up on net points. Full results are on CroquetScores.

winner of the 9-14 grade, Lyn Dawson, and runner-up Neville Turner

There were five entries in the 9-14 block but there was one withdrawal after the first day. Lyn Dawson was the winner with three wins and Neville Turner runner-up with two wins. Full results are on CroquetScores.

There were insufficient entries for the other grades to be run.

Peter Parkinson & Peter Couch win the CCA Open Doubles

Peter Parkinson & Peter Couch, winners of the CCA AC Open Doubles

The CCA AC Open doubles was played at St James Park Croquet Club on Friday 12 January 2018. There were four pairs in the tournament managed by Rodger Lane. It was played as a single round robin.

Peter Parkinson & Peter Couch were unbeaten to win. John Hearnshaw & Ian Campbell were runners-up with two wins.

Full details are on CroquetScores.

The CCA AC Grade Champs started on Saturday and will finish on Sunday. After the recent rain, Barrington Park Croquet Club was unplayable, so it is being played at United.

Results for the 0-4 block are here and the 9-14 block are here. Both blocks had 5 entries, but Maurice Cook has had to withdraw from the 9-14 block. Final results will be published tomorrow.

Peter Parkinson wins the CCA AC Open

Peter Parkinson (Rangiora) won the 2018 CCA AC Open Singles that was played at St James Park croquet club Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January 2018. Marguaritte Rogers (St James Park) was runner up, losing only to Peter. There were eight players with handicaps from -2.5 to +2.5. The manager was Rodger Lane.

The start on Saturday was late as the heavy rain the day before had flooded the lawns and hoop setting had to be deferred until Saturday morning.

Most players found the tight hoops a challenge as well as the wind on Saturday. Sunday was a perfect day for croquet with the lawns drying out and becoming faster.

Full results are on Croquet Scores at

(CCA AC Open page)

Peter Parkinson, winner of the 2018 CCA AC Open
Marguaritte Rogers, runner-up of the 2018 CCA AC Open

The CCA AC Open Doubles will be played at St James on Friday 12 January 2018.

Other tournaments

The CCA AC Grade Singles will be played at Barrington Park Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2018.

The NZ Open will be played at United Saturday 20 to Sunday 28 January 2018.


Entries open for CCA AC Open, AC Grades and Carol Hayward

Entries are open for the following competitions starting in January 2018:

CCA AC Open Singles Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 January at St James Park

CCA AC Open Doubles Thursday 11 and Friday 12 January at St James Park

CCA AC Grades Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January at Barrington and Cashmere

CCA Carol Hayward on six Tuesdays 30 January to 13 March at United and Elmwood.

Click on the links above for more details and for entry forms.