GC Grade Singles

Premier / Senior / Intermediate

Sunday 30th October at 8:30am

Manager: Cheryl Morrall Ph: (03) 349 7226

Mobile: 027 629 7868            Email: cheryl.morrall@xtra.co.nz

Headquarters: St Martins Croquet Club, Gamblins Road, Christchurch

Entries: To Manager by Friday 21st October 2022

Entry Fee: $15 Using GCGRADES in the Reference field and your name in the particulars field for Online Banking by Friday 21st October 2022.

Silver Badge: For CCA players only this tournament will double as the Silver Badge competition.

Conditions for tournaments:

  1. Method of play and events will be determined after entries have been received with
    the aim of providing a full tournament’s play for competitors. Players will be notified
    before the start of play of the method and events being used.
  2. Tea/coffee/light refreshments will be provided.
  3. Please include handicap and contact details – email and phone with entry
  4. Monetary Prizes will be given

Read the report of the 2021 singles

Past results

Premier – Peter Couch Trophy
Year Winner Runner-up
2022/23 Logan McCorkindale James Duggan
2021/22 Josh Winter Levi Franks
2020/21 Levi Franks Josh Winter
2019/20 Josh Winter Levi Franks
2018/19 Jason Hodgett Logan McCorkindale
2016/17 Jason Hodgett  
2014/15 Jared Keeman  
2013/14 Tony O’Donnell  
2012/13 Jonathan Hart  
2011/12 Duncan Dixon  
2010/11 Chris Clarke  
Senior –
Year Winner Runner-up
2022/23 Bruce McClay  
2021/22 Dave McMillan John Foster
2020/21  Gay Jones  
2018/19  Josh Winter Joan Simpson
Intermediate – Peter Couch Bowl
Year Winner Runner-up
2022/23 Patrick Conolly  
2021/22 Peter Entwistle Keelan Macfadyen
2020/21 Terry Green  
2019/20 Mark Winter  
2018/19 Rachel McLeod Levi Franks
2017/18 Alan Belcher  
2016/17 Mary Morrison  
2015/16 Not available  
2014/15 Vilna Gough-Jones  
2013/14 Adrienne Pavelka  
2012/13 Chris Curwood  
2011/12 Kay Blair  
2010/11 John Borner  
2009/10  Suzanne Cleveland  
Primary – Ray Atkins Trophy
Year Winner Runner-up
2022/23 Stephen Stokes  
2021/22 John Whyte Kate Milan
2020/21 Mark Walker  
2019/20 Melanie Stevenson  
2018/19 Flynn Moses-Jones  Mark Winter
2017/18 Lena Metcalf  
2016/17 Cheryl Morrall  
2015/16 Not available  
2014/15 Neil Williams  Maurice Cook
2013/14 Josh Freeth  
2012/13 Daniel Duke  
2011/12 Adrienne Pavelka  
2010/11 Jasmine Rush (South Canterbury)  
2009/10  John Borner