GC Handicap Doubles

CCA Golf Croquet Doubles Tournament was held at United Croquet Club on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November 2018 in cool, damp conditions.

The manager was Tony O’Donnell and there were 12 doubles pairs. The tournament was run as a Swiss event, and resulted in a tie between Josh Winter & James Duggan (Cashmere) and Chris Clarke & Les Willis (United).

Full results are on Croquet Scores.

First equal pair Chris Clarke & Les Willis (United), Tony O’Donnell (manager), Josh Winter & James Duggan (Cashmere)
Third-equal pair Owen Evans & Sylvia MacFarlane with manager, Tony O’Donnell. The other pair were Gay Jones & Flynn Moses-Jones tied for third with


The CCA golf croquet handicap doubles (for the St James Trophy) .

Past results

Year Winner Runner-up
2018/19 Chris Clarke & Les Willis
Josh Winter & James Duggan
First equal
2017/18 Caitlin Smith & Jackie Rollinson Owen & Janet Evans
2016/17 Alan Belcher & Jude Belcher Tom Devlin & Mike Woodstock
2015/16 Not available Not available
2014/15 Neil Williams  &  Val French Janet & Merv Lilley
2013/14 Jonathan Hart  &  Tom Devlin
2012/13 Chris Clarke  &  Kieran Winder
2011/12 Ross Heasley  &  Frank William
2010/11 Merv Lilley  &  Warren Schulpher