Golf Croquet Interclub

This is a weekday competition in which teams of four players compete against each other, playing several matches over the course of several weeks. A match consists of two games of doubles and four games of singles.


The following Rules also contain dates, competition format (including the split into Divisions) and a blank scoring form:

 GC Interclub Rules 2018

Draws and contacts

Division 1 has one block. Download
Division 2 has two blocks. Download
Division 3 has two blocks. Download


Results are on CroquetScores

Scoring is according to the Match Points clause in the Rules and is for a Match. Individual game results are not shown but are kept separately in case they are needed for a countback.

Note that defaulted games are entered with a score of 99-98. This gives the correct game score, but the net hoops will be out by 1.

Results form

GC Interclub Results Form 2018

Previous winners

Division 1

Year Winner Runner-up
2018/19 United B Hornby
2017/18 Hornby Akaroa
2016/17 Hornby G1 United AG1
2015/16 United AG1 Fendalton Park AG1
2014/15 United  United
2013/14 United
2012/13 United
2011/12 Kaiapoi
2010/11 United

Division 2

Year Winner Runner-up
2018/19 Cashmere Holmes Park
2017/18 Fendalton Park Hornby
2016/17 Hornby G2 United BG2
2015/16 St James Park Akaroa
2014/15 Fendalton Park Fendalton Park
2013/14 St Martins Fendalton Park
2012/13 St Martins
2011/12 Elwood  Fendalton Park
2010/11 St Martins Holmes Park-Hornby

Division 3

Year Winner Runner-up
2018/19 Rangiora A
Rangiora B
tie for first
2017/18 Cashmere Hornby
2016/17 Fendalton G3 Kaiapoi BG3
2015/16 St James Unknown
2014/15 St Martins United
2013/14 St James Park United
2012/13 United
2011/12 St Martins  Kaiapoi
2010/11 Fendalton Park St James Park