Golf Croquet Interclub

This is a weekday competition in which teams of two or four players compete against each other, playing several matches over the course of several weeks. Each player plays one game of doubles and two games of singles.


The following Rules also contain dates, competition format (including the split into Divisions) and a blank scoring form:

CCA GC Interclub rules 2020


Results can be viewed on CroquetScores at

Previous winners

Division 1

Year Winner Runner-up
2019/20 Cashmere Hornby
2018/19 United B Hornby
2017/18 Hornby Akaroa
2016/17 Hornby G1 United AG1
2015/16 United AG1 Fendalton Park AG1
2014/15 United  United
2013/14 United
2012/13 United
2011/12 Kaiapoi
2010/11 United

Division 2

Year Winner Runner-up
2019/20 Cashmere Rangiora
2018/19 Cashmere Holmes Park
2017/18 Fendalton Park Hornby
2016/17 Hornby G2 United BG2
2015/16 St James Park Akaroa
2014/15 Fendalton Park Fendalton Park
2013/14 St Martins Fendalton Park
2012/13 St Martins
2011/12 Elwood  Fendalton Park
2010/11 St Martins Holmes Park-Hornby

Division 3

Year Winner Runner-up
2019/20 Rangiora 2 St James
2018/19 Rangiora A
Rangiora B
tie for first
2017/18 Cashmere Hornby
2016/17 Fendalton G3 Kaiapoi BG3
2015/16 St James Unknown
2014/15 St Martins United
2013/14 St James Park United
2012/13 United
2011/12 St Martins  Kaiapoi
2010/11 Fendalton Park St James Park