Trans Tasman AC Test started

The Trans-Tasman Test series has just started on Monday 23 April 2018 at the Wynnum Croquet Club in Brisbane, Australia.

Commentaries and results are now on Croquet Scores.

The format of this event is three two-day tests between Australia and New Zealand. Each test consists of 1 day of doubles (4 different mixed doubles pairing), and one day of singles (single gender – 4 women’s and 4 men’s), and the matches are all Best-of-Three, with time limits of 3hr, 3hr and 2hr (cumulative).

The teams are (in playing order):
New Zealand
Greg Bryant (Captain)
Aiken Hakes
Chris Shilling
Josh Freeth,
Jenny Clarke
Nina Mayard-Husson
Alison Robinson
Pam Fisher

Malcolm Fletcher
Edward Wilson
Greg Fletcher
Stephen Forster
Claire Bassett
Rosemary Landrebe
Alison Sharpe
Alix Verge