AC Open

The 2016 CCA Open tournament. The doubles were not played this year for lack of entries.

The singles was held on 12 November with only four contestants. Peter Parkinson, winner in 1996 and 2003, prevailed over last year’s winner, Ian Campbell, in a tight game with a close finish, to secure his third win, 20 years after his first.

Third place was taken by Margueritte Rogers after a similarly closely contested match with CCA President, Owen Evans.

Past results

Year Winner Runner-up
2016/17 Not contested
2015/16 Not contested
2014/15 Not contested
2013/14 Chris Clarke & Jonathan Hart
2012/13 Chris Clarke & Liz Hunter
2011/12  Chris Clarke & Dennis Welham
2010/11 Chris Clarke & Charles Jones
Year Winner Runner-up
2016/17 Peter Parkinson  Ian Campbell
2015/16 Ian Campbell  Richard Kimberley
2014/15 Richard Kimberley
2013/14 Chris Clarke
2012/13 Chris Clarke
2011/12  Greg Bryant
2010/11 Jenny Clarke
2009/10  Chris Clarke