GC Handicap Singles

The CCA GC Handicap SIngles tournament was held at Homes Park Croquet club on Sunday 15 October 2017. It was managed by Chris Clarke.

It was run as two blocks of four with the top two from each block playing a supersection and the rest playing a consolation supersection.

In the Blue block, Rosalind Thomson won all her games but the Red block was much closer with three players winning two games.

The consolation supersection was another close block with three players winning two games.

The winner of the tournament was Gus Fernhout of St Martins and the runner-up Rosalind Thomson of  United.

Detailed results are on Croquet Scores.

Past results

Year Winner Runner-up
2016/17 John Borner Eric Ogier
2015/16 Merv Lilley John Borner
2014/15  Merv Lilley John Borner
2013/14 Josh Freeth
2012/13 Merv Lilley
2011/12 Merv Lilley
2010/11 Merv Lilley