NZ Open Doubles results

Sam Murray & Chris Shilling, winners of the NZ Open Doubles

Chris Shilling (Otago) and Sam Murray (Scotland) won a close final game over Stephen Mulliner (England) and Edward Wilson (Australia) to win the NZ Open Doubles. The final was a best-of-three and Chris and Sam won the first game. After time was called on the second game, Stephen and Edward were one hoop ahead. Sam took the longer shot and pegged out to equalise a resulting with two balls off the lawn. After Stephen played, Chris got the roquet and made his hoop the take the game and the championship.

Ian Burridge (Wales) and Alain Giraud (England) won the Plate Knockout with Greg Bryant (West coast ) and Felix Webby (Taranaki) runners-up.

The singles will start Tuesday. There will be block play at United and Fendalton Park Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 January followed by the main knockout and the plate.

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