The Canterbury Association

The Canterbury Association’s members are the clubs which have affiliated to it, as in turn the Association is affiliated to Croquet New Zealand. Each member of an affiliated club pays annual affiliation fees to both the CCA and to CNZ, and these fees are required before a player can enter tournaments or competitions run by the Association. Contact information for the clubs may be found under the Canterbury Clubs menu (above) and through the contacts file listed below.

In return the CCA through its Executive, organises tournaments and competitions for players and coordinates clubs’ own events to reduce overlap with those held elsewhere. It liaises with Croquet New Zealand and other organisations as required. It provides for the training and qualification of umpires, referees and coaches, supervises handicapping to ensure there is a common standard, and develops projects to promote croquet and assist clubs.

The Rules of the Association are here: CCA Rules 2018

The affiliation fees for the 2021 – 2022 season are:

Total (payable thru CCA)*
Full and Return to croquet $14.00 $46.00 $60.00
Junior 13-18 years $7.00 $23.00 $30.00
Junior 0-12 years $7.00 $11.50 $18.50
New to Croquet $7.00 $23.00 $30.00 **
New to Croquet 0-12 years $7.00 $11.50 $18.50 **

*Previous  year’s levy. The current levy will be updated when we know what it is.

** Paid by CCA if NTC players pay no more than $80 subscription at their clubs in the first season.