Management Committee


CCA President, Owen Evans
Owen Evans

Owen Evans (ogevans(at)

Owen joined the Cashmere Croquet Club in 2008. Mostly plays AC but some lawn cred in GC; with TIm Slack won the Division 1 GC Interclub Competition. President at Cashmere for 3 years and now in my 4th term as President of the CCA. Have an AC umpire badge, team leader of Technical Action Group, and ex-officio on all action groups.


Vilna Gough-Jones (appointed by the Executive in 2020) – – team leader of Administration Action Group


Marion Bishop

Marion Bishop (ccaexec100(at)

Commenced playing croquet at Cashmere at the end of 2012.
Joined Fendalton Park in 2013 due to weekend play.
President, Fendalton Park Croquet Club.


CCA Treasurer, Vilna Gough-Jones
Vilna Gough-Jones

Vilna Gough-Jones (vgoughjones(at)

Commenced playing croquet at Fendalton Park in 2010, loved it, and continue to enjoy the game, the social interaction, the challenge of competitions, and the outdoor exercise!
GC level 1 Coach and GC Referee
Secretary and Treasurer for Fendalton Park Croquet Club


Position is Vacant

Tournament Convenor

Tim Slack (timjslack(at) – team leader of Tournament Action Group


Claire Horncastle (chorncastle1(at)

Committee Members

Mark O’Connell (2muchrhubarb(at)

Mark resigned from the Executive, but is still editing our newsletter.

Claire Horncastle ( – team leader for the Players Action Group

Gay Jones (gayelenejones4(at) – member of Tournament Action Group

Duncan Dixon (co-opted in 2021)


Janet Scott (jlfarm(at)