AC Knockout Competition

This is a handicap knock out competition played on three Sundays in February and March each year. Clubs enter one team. Each match consists of six handicap singles games and one handicap doubles game. Different club members may play in the afternoon session to the morning session if clubs wish, however the combined handicap of all 4 players must be at least 26 in each session.

For 2016 and 2017 the event was cancelled because of insufficient entries.


CCA Association Knockout Rules 2015 (PDF)

Results report form
CCA Association Croquet Knockout Form C (PDF)

Previous winners

Year Winner Runner up
2017 Not played
2016 Not played
2014 St James Park United
2013  St James Park
2012  St James Park
2011  Barrington Park
2010  St James Park
2009  St James Park
2008  United