AC Interclub

AC Interclub is the weekday competition where doubles and singles are played during October and November.
From 2016 it is played as a single division, rather than four divisions.


Monday block
Winner: United (Geraldine Murphy, Bruce Mclay, Pam Hurst, Mary Morrison)
Runner-up: Rangiora (Carol Kidd, Leone Woodward, Neville Turner, Lyn Turner)

Tuesday block
Winner: St James Park (Graham Button, Diana Howes, Koreene Fowler, Patsy Clegg)
Runner-up: St Martins (Max Joines, Marion Hastie, Jean Shewan, ?)

The final between the block winners was played on Tuesday 5 December; a scorchingly hot day at United. The game score was 3-3 but United won with 4 net points.

Results on Croquet Scores:
Note that defaulted games are entered with a score of 99-98. This gives the correct game score, but the net hoops will be out by 1.


CCA AC Interclub Draw 2017 v3  (Updated 5 October 2017)


CCA AC Interclub rules 2017

Results form

CCA AC Interclub Form A 616

Past results

Single division (Post-2015)

Year Winner Runner-up
2017/18 United Rangiora
2016/17 St James Park United

Division 1 (before 2015)

Year Winner Runner-up
2014/15 Cashmere
Leo van Oosten & Owen Evans
Richard Kimberley & John Hearnshaw
2013/14 United
Richard Kimberley & John Hearnshaw
2012/13 United
2011/12 St James Park
2010/11 St James Park United

Division 2 (before 2015)

Year Winner Runner-up
2014/15 United
Sally Jeffcott & Marlene Smith
St James Park
Graham Button & Russell Vaughan
2013/14 St James Park
Russell Vaughan & Graham Button
St James Park
2012/13 St James Park
2011/12 Cashmere
2010/11 Holmes Park Barrington Park

Division 3 (before 2015)

Year Winner Runner-up
2014/15 Edgeware
Diane Barnes, Jean Eggleston, Elizabeth Steele, Marie Huggins
St James Park
Diane Howes, Beryl Hart, Koreene Fowler, Winston Marshall
2013/14 St James Park
Ken Kinzett, Leone Woodward, Carol Kidd, Koreene Fowler
2012/13 St James Park
2011/12 Akaroa
2010/11 St James Park Kaiapoi

Division 4 (before 2015)

Year Winner Runner-up
2014/15 United
Mary Morrison & Pamela Hurst
St James Park
Patsy Clegg & Neville Turner
2013/14 St James Park
Winston Marshall & Neville Turner
St James Park
2012/13 St James Park
2011/12 Edgeware
2010/11 Barrington Park