Useful Links

Croquet NZ

The official website of Croquet New Zealand with information on croquet in New Zealand including national tournaments. You can register on-line for national tournaments.

The current (2022-23) yearbook is available on-line here.
The 6th edition of the Golf Croquet rules (2022).
The 7th Edition of the AC Laws (2021).
The 7th Edition of the AC Laws (2021)-Changes log

Croquet Scores

The detailed results for all national and international tournaments for most croquet-playing countries are now shown on Croquet Scores. It can also be used for any local or club tournament. It is free to use and has a commentary function that allows anyone to write a commentary on any event.

While it can show scores for individual games and matches it does not always show the event winner, especially if there is a count-back.

Clarke Croquet

Clarke Croquet ( ) has been set up by Canterbury players Jenny and Chris Clarke to provide “courses” covering aspects of croquet such as Laws Training, Stroke-Play and Tactical Coaching, Lawn Care, and some fun stuff such as croquet trivia quizzes.

Oxford Croquet

Another excellent site with advice and instruction in all aspects of the game for players from beginners to advanced levels is

World Croquet Federation

The World Croquet Federation ( is the international organising body for the sport of croquet.

You can find out about international events and access the AC and GC ranking sysems.