Maud Trainor Competition

This is a handicap Golf Croquet Swiss event for over 60’s, typically run over several weeks near the end of summer.

The Maud Trainor competition was set up by former CCA President, Senior Referee and Life Member to foster social croquet for the over 65’s. It began in 1981 and Maud herself played in it for 25 years, and until 2015 presented the edible prizes to the winner and runner-up. Initially it was a singles and doubles AC event but this changed to the current format in 2016.
Maud passed away in June 2016, six months before her 100th birthday.


There will be an on-duty manager but no separately published Rules, though the following framework applies:

  • It is typically played over four consecutive Friday mornings
  • A morning’s play comprises two one-hour handicap singles games with a break between for eating, drinking and socialising.
  • To be eligible, players must be 60 or over on the competition start date.
  • To be eligible to win you must play at least 6 of the 8 games.
  • Please give 24-hours notice if you can’t attend any morning.
  • There will be a nominal cost to cover refreshments.
  • The draw will be prepared on the day.

 Entry form

Previous Winners

Year Winner  Runner-up
2018 Betty Inglewood (Fendalton Park) Vilna Gough-Jones (Fendalton Park)
2017 Louis Inglewood  (Fendalton Park) Kay Blackburn (St James Park)
2016 Gill Hindshaw  (Fendalton Park) Bill Worley (United)