Golf Croquet Knock out

This is an interclub competition played according to the Bagnall-Wild (Knockout) method in which winners proceed to the next round and losers drop out of the competition.

Clubs may enter teams of four players (with substitutes from the club allowed for individual rounds but not during a game). The combined handicaps of the four players playing in any round shall total 20 or more.

It is generally played over 2-3 Sundays in the first half of a season.


The following Rules also contain dates, competition format and a blank scoring form:

GC KnockOut Rules (PDF)

Draw and contacts

To be provided.


To be advised.

Results report form

CCA Golf Croquet Knockout Form E (PDF)

Previous winners

Year Winner Runner up
2018-19 Not known Not known
2017-18 Not known Not known
2016-17 Not known Not known
2015-16 Cashmere St Martins
2014-15 United  Fendalton Park
2013-14 Fendalton Park
2012-13 Fendalton Park
2011-12 Kaiapoi
2010-11 Sumner
2009-10 Holmes Park
2008-09 United
2007-08 Cashmere