Atkins Trophy

The Atkins Competition is a Handicap Doubles Golf Croquet Tournament played over a number of Saturday mornings in the second half of the season leading to a play-off in March. It often allows an inexperienced player to be mentored by an experienced player to assist in learning tactics and stroke play.

The competition, started in the 2009/2010 season and honours Beryl and Ray Atkins who were involved in the early stages of the development of Golf Croquet in Christchurch at the Elmwood Croquet Club and then at Cashmere.


The following Rules also contain dates, competition format and a blank scoring form:

2020 Atkins Rules.pdf


2020 Atkins Draw.xlsx

Previous winners

Year Winner Runner-up
2018/19 Josh Winter & Flynn Moses-Jones Cheryl Morrall & Grace Leitch
2017/18 Neville Turner & Lesley Smith  Vilna Gough-Jones & Trina Heffernan
2016/17 Neil Williams & Alan Belcher Bev Baker & Shona Long
2015/16 Neil Williams & Alan Belcher Tom Devlin & Julie Mills
2014/15 Tony O’Donnell & Daniel Duke Galina & Bill Worley
2013/14 Tony O’Donnell & Irene McGahey Tom Delvin & Valina Gough-Jones
2012/13 Beryl Atkins & Dawn Hansen Philip Narbey & Marie Narbey
2011/12 Ross Heasley & Frank Williams  Bruce McLay & Errol Hay
2010/11 Emily Newburn & Joan Bradford  Jonathan Hart & June Lowery
2009/10 John Borner & Eileen Arnett  Jenny Clarke & Bill Down