Interprovincial Tournament Win.

The interprovincial teams tournament was played in Ashburton at Waireka Club. Canterbury emerged the winner, with Nelson runner-up.

The victorious CCA team members were  Marguaritte Rogers (captain), Owen Evans, Pam Hurst, and Rosalind Thomson.

Raylene Phillips presenting Marguaritte Rogers with the trophy

Canterbury AC players selected for invitations

Three Canterbury players have been invited to compete in Croquet New Zealand’s annual invitation tournaments: Ian Campbell in the Roger Murfitt tournament, John Yarrall in the Copper Tray tournament, and CCA president, Owen Evans, in the Gold Cup.

It is some years since so many Canterbury players have been invited in these events which are limited to 8 players each.

Canterbury reps for forthcoming tournaments

The result of recent play-off matches for the forthcoming Arthur Ross (AC) and Gold & Silver Badge (GC) is that Ian Campbell (Barrington Park club) and Annette Wilson (Hornby) respectively will represent Canterbury.

The Arthur Ross tournament will be played in Christchurch (at United) for the first time, between 3 & 5 March.

The Gold & Silver Stars will be held in Wellington on 11-12 March.