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CCA Closing Day 2018

About 50 people enjoyed the hospitality of Cashmere Club on Sunday 15th April. Unfortunately it was windy in Christchurch that day but as Cashmere is so sheltered play continued right up to the home-made afternoon tea which was very welcome.

Owen and Philippa presented the trophies and certificates and Howard Pettigrew photographed the recipients.

Owen thanked Cashmere and Presidents of Clubs and his Exec, and Joan Bradford was thanked for her work over many years for keeping track of trophies and preparing certificates.

Philippa Porter
CCA Vice President

See photos and list of prizes below.
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Event Club Players
AC interclub Winner United Geraldine Murphy, Bruce McLay, Mary Morrison, Rosalind Thomson, Tony O’Donnell
Runner-up St James Park Graham Button, Diana Howes, Koreene Fowler, Patsy Clegg, Beryl Hart, Winston Marshall
GC interclub Div 1 Winner Hornby Neil Williams, Alan Belcher, Helen Webber, Val French
Runner-up Akaroa Philip Narbey, Dave McMillan, Maria Narbey, Ruth Walker
GC interclub Div 2 Winner Fendalton Park Andi Maitland, Esme Burt, Betty Ingelwood, Grace Leith
Runner-up Hornby Robin Brooker, Chris Wood, Karin Taemmler, Jude Belcher, Barbara McLeod, Alan Beckett
GC interclub Div 3 Winner Cashmere Tony Walker, Janet Evans, Nicky Sarson, Merv Sarso, Gary Jones, Sylvia McFarlane
Runner-up Hornby Pat Alston, Marilyn Purvis Tom Pluck, Diane Fisher, Barbara Horniblow
Johns Memorial Winner United Tony O’Donnell, Lena Metcalf, Tony Thomson
Runner-up Rangiora Neville Turner, Lyn Turner
Atkins Trophy Winner Rangiora Neville Turner, Lesley Smith
Runner-up Fendalton Park Vilna Gough-Jones, Trina Heffernan
Atkins Trophy Plate Winner Fendalton Park Gill Hindshaw, Gordon MacRae
Runner-up United John Yarrall, Pam Hurst
AC Silver Badge A Grade United John Yarrall
Intermediate United Bruce McLay
B Grade United Sally Jeffcott
GC Slver Badge Premier (-6 to 2) United Jenny Clarke
Senior (3 to 5) United Pam Hurst
Intermediate (6 to 8) Holmes Park Tim Slack
Primary (9 to 16) United Denise McLoughlin
GC Interclub Knockout Winner Rangiora Lois Pettigrew, Howard Pettigre, Merv Marsh, Lesley Smith
Runner-up Fendalton Park Linda Humphries, Julie Mills, Helen Tanblyn, Murray Tamblyn
Most Improved Player AC Sally Jeffcott
GC Jono Hart
Millenium Gold Cup United

CCA GC Silver Badge results

The CCA GC Silver Badge tournament for all divisions was played at Holmes Park Croquet Club on Sunday 25 March 2018.

Clubs sent one representative in each grade after a playoff in their club.

After a cold and wet couple of days the sun shone on the players, the lawns were a credit to Holmes Park and we had a great number watching the 18 competitors. Again, it was a pleasure being hosted by Holmes Park.

The Premier (-6 to +2) was won by Jenny Clarke (United) with Jonathan Hart (St James) a close runner up.

Pamela Hurst( United) won the Senior Grade (+3 to +5) with Marguaritte Rogers St James) second on a count back.

Tim Slack (Holmes Park) won the Intermediate Grade (6 to 8) from Lyn Madgwick Cashmere).

Denise Mc Loughlin (United) won the Primary (9 to 16) with Tony Waters (Cashmere) runner-up.

There was some spectacular play in all grades and everyone enjoyed the day.

Full results are on CroquetScores at:

Philippa Porter : Manager and Referee

Premier runner-up Jono Hart (St James Park) and winner Jenny Clarke (United)
Senior runner-up Marguaritte Rogers (St James Park) and winner Pam Hurst (United)
Intermediate winner Tim Slack (Holmes Parks)
Primary winner Denise McLoughlin (United)

Geraldine Murphy and Pamela Hurst win the Agnes Dick

The 2018 Agnes Dick tournament was held in superb conditions on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March at Elmwood croquet club. As usual it was extremely well managed by Lis Hunter.

The Agnes Dick is an association croquet handicap doubles competition where the combined handicap must be at least 12 and one player must have a handicap 10 or greater,

There were 8 pairs participating. The winning pair were Geraldine Murphy and Pamela Hurst of United Club and runners-up were Margaret Lane and Jenny Vartha of St James Club.

Winners Geraldine Murphy (left) and Pam Hurst (third from left) with CCA president Owen Evans and tournament manager Lis Hunter.


Runners-up Margaret Lane (left) and Jenny Vartha (third from left) with CCA president Owen Evans and tournament manager Liz Hunter.

CCA AC Silver Badge results

The CCA AC Silver Badge was played at Cashmere Croquet Club on Sunday 18 February 2018. Clubs can send one representative in each grade after a playoff in the club.

The weather was fine and warm and the lawns a bit slow, but were faster in the afternoon with the warmer weather.

Entries were disappointing with only two entries for the 0-3, 4-9 and 10-16 grades.

John Yarrall (United) beat Owen Evans (Cashmere) 15-12 in the 0-3 grade.

Bruce McLay (United) beat Leo van Oosten *Holmes Park) 18-11 in the 4-9 grade

Sally Jeffcott (United) beat Robert Eathorne (Elmwood) 14-8 in the 10-16 grade.

The CCA GC Silver Badge will be held at Holmes Park Croquet Club on Sunday 25 March 2018.

Photos courtesy Pam Hurst.

Entries open for the Maud Trainor GC Handicap Singles

Entries are open for 2018 to be held at United Croquet Club on five Fridays from 1 February 2018 to 2 March 2018.

To be eligible, players must have been born before 26 January 1956. To win you must play at least 8 of the 10 games.

Two one-hour handicap singles games will be played each morning, starting at 9:45am with a break between for eating, drinking and socialising.

Cost is $4 per morning.Please give 24-hours notice if you can’t attend any morning.

Entries should be with Philippa Port by 19 January 2018. You can enter online here.