Patrick Conolly of Canterbury wins the Don Reyland Stars

The Don Reyland Stars is a handicap GC competition with club and association playoffs and a national final.

The final was held 16 to 19 March at the Rangatira Croquet Club in Dannevirke that was established in 1911. Day 1 warm, Day 2 showers all day, Day 3 clear and warm.
Sixteen associations were represented.

Patrick Conolly from Cashmere, representing CCA won the tournament, with one loss from 15 matches. Runner up was Doug Cowie from Auckland who he beat on Hoop 13 with a tricky angle jump shot.

Full results are on Croqet Scores at

Don Reyland Stars 2023 winner Patrick Conolly, representing CCA and runner up Doug Cowie, Auckland