CCA AC Grades 2023

The CCA Association Croquet Grades Tournament was held on the weekend of 11th to 12th February 2023.  It also incorporated the Canterbury Silver Badge competition with winners decide by the outcome of games where both contestants were eligible.  With too few players in the lower handicap ranges the 10 to 16 and 18 to 24 handicap ranges were combined.

Good weather and lawns that were rated by players as “just right” made for an enjoyable tournament.  With six entries, the 0 to 3.5 grade played a round robin of five games.  The 4 to 9 grade, with four entries, a round robin of three games with the final round a playoff for first and third.   With five entries, the 10 to 24  grade would play a round robin with four games and a bye.  Unfortunately sickness meant that one player could not compete on the Sunday so all her games were deleted and only three games are included in the results.

All players in the 0 to 3.5 grade had a win but with four wins Carolyn Fordyce pipped John Hearnshaw on net hoops.  John won the Silver Badge as Carolyn’s region is South Canterbury.  The 4 to 9 grade saw Leo van Oosten undefeated with Tony O’Donnell runner-up.  Sue Stott was also undefeated in the 10 to 24 range with Alice Spittle runner-up.  They were the Silver Badge winners in the two grades.

Full results are at

Winner of the 0-3.5 grade, Carolyn Fordyce and Tony O’Donnell
Runner-up of the 0-3.5 grade, John Hearnshaw and Tony O’Donnell
Winner of the 4-9 grade, Leo vanOosten and runner-up, Tony O’Donnell
Winner of the 10-24 grade, Sue Stott and Tony O’Donnell
Runner-up of the 10-24 grade, Alice Spittle and Tony O’Donnell