CCA Golf Croquet Grades Tournament

The Golf Croquet Grades tournament for Premier, Senior and Intermediate was held in very hot conditions on Sunday October 30th. There were good fields of Premier (6 players), Senior (12 players) hosted at St Martins, and Intermediate (10 players) hosted at Cashmere. Catering at both clubs was highly praised, as were lawns. A very sincere thanks to both clubs.

As the day progressed at St Martins one of the Premier players had to withdraw. This impacted on the Premier draw and some players had long waits as the day progressed. They were playing 19-point games on one lawn. However at one part of the day it was noted that the lawn was empty. Savouries had been served and the young men were keen not to miss out so they had delayed play. The presentation of the Peter Couch Trophy was made as the Seniors continued to play.

The winner was Logan McCorkindale (Waireka), and runner up and winner of the CCA Silver badge was James Duggan (Cashmere) The Premiers posed for a great photo at the end of the day.

Meanwhile over at Cashmere, a player had become unwell and was taken to hospital by ambulance as a precautionary measure. Without too much delay the tournament, including two players from Rotorua and one from Blenheim continued. After a full day of play Patrick Conolly, the promising young junior from Cashmere prevailed over Terry Green (Rangiora). Terry had beaten Patrick 7/6 in block play, but Patrick turned the tables in the final with a 7/4 win.

Patrick won the Peter Couch Bowl and the CCA Silver badge. Runner up was Terry Green with Mike Bunce (St Martins) in third place.

Meanwhile back at St Martins there was some mention of sunset at 8.04pm as a very long semi- final between Gay Jones and Melanie Stevenson (both from Cashmere) finally finished after an hour and three quarter match. Bruce McLay (United) who had had a much shorter semi with Dave McMillan (Akaroa) was waiting in the shadows ready to pounce in the 19-point final.

Bruce McLay (United) won the trophy and the CCA Silver badge with a 10/6 win over Runner up Gaylene Jones (Cashmere). Dave McMillan (Akaroa) came in third.

We put our lights on to drive home after another “big day at the office” for all involved.

Full results are at:

The premier field
The Intermediate winners
The manager, Cheryl Morrall, and Bruce McLay
Cheryl and Dave McMillan
Cheryl and Gay Jones
Cheryl and James Duggan
Cheryl and Logan McCorkindale