Atkins 2022

Atkins Competition

The CCA Atkins Competition was played on Saturday mornings from 29 January 2022.
The finals were held at Fendalton on Saturday 26 March 2022 in brillant weather. Congratulations to the following top 8 teams who competed for the trophy and plate this year: 
Akaroa 1 & 2, Cashmere 1 & 2, Hornby 3, Fendalton and United 1 & 4. 

Play started on lawns with a small amount of dew present however as the morning progressed these dried out making for better playing conditions. 

Atkins Trophy

The trophy 19 point semi finals provided viewers, including those who were out walking their dogs watching over the fence, with great clearances and hoop running. The score for United 4 and Cashmere 1 went hoop for hoop however midway through United 4 went out to a 2 point lead only for Cashmere 1 (Gaylia Powell and Dick Sainsbury) to level the score at hoop 16. United 1 (Louis and Bettin Inglewood) managed the last two hoops giving them a win 10 – 8 and progressing to the final.

The second semi between Hornby 3 (Helen Webber and Wendy Berkett) and Fendalton (Cheryl Morrall and Julie Mills) was very similar to the other semi, with the game being won by Hornby with a successful boundary hoop shot on hoop 17. Winning score 10 – 7.

The final also played as a 19-point game and untimed was between United 4 and Hornby 3. Both teams had supporters from their respective clubs with everyone enjoying the good croquet being played. 

Congratulations to Hornby 3 who replicated their previous score winning 10 – 7 with United 4 finishing as runner-up.


The Atkins Plate were 13-point timed games.

The first round results were :
Akaroa 1 ( Carolyn Smith & Ian Bain): 7 v Akaroa 2 (Maria Narbey & Graham Jones) : 4
Cashmere 2 (Ken Lowe & Steve Stokes): 7 v United 1 (Geoff Price & Lee Ferguson): 2

The Plate semi-final this year included the trophy losing teams. 

Cashmere 2 v Cashmere 1: the Cashmere 2 team were on a roll after their first game beating their club mates 7 – 3.

Akaroa 1 played Fendalton who held off a determined Akaroa team to win 7 – 5 and progress to the Plate final against Cashmere 2.


A great game to watch the tactics and strategy of the more experienced Fendalton team and Cashmere using their extra turns to try and counter the moves. Well played Fendalton and Cheryl your jump for joy at hoop 12 when your ball went through the hoop said it all. Score 7-5.

Well done to everyone who played in the Atkins this season and we hope to see you all back next season. (Psst: If you’re really organised Interclub teams due in August).

Don’t forget CCA Prizegiving on Sunday 10th at 1:30pm at Fendalton.

Full results are at

Regards Gay and Tim 
Tournament Committee

Photos (51) Left to right; Helen Webber, Wendy Berkett, Louis Inglewood, Betty Inglewood      

Photo (17) Left to right: Cheryl Morrall, Julie Mills, Steve Stokes, Ken Lowe

L-R: Atkins winners Helen Webber & Wendy Berkett (Hornby), Runners up Louis Inglewood and Betty Inglewood (United)
L-R: Plate winners Cheryl Morrall & Julie Mills (Fendalton Park), runners up Steve Stokes & Ken Lowe (Cashmere)