The CCA GC Open tournament was held over the weekend of March 12th and 13th. Getting a field together for both days was challenging, and a big thank you goes out from the manager to those who entered. Five teams competed in the doubles on Saturday, and two blocks of five in the singles on Sunday.

Both days experienced sun, cloud and wind, but thankfully no rain. The lawns at St Martins were beautifully prepared and there were some tight games and hoops on both days.

Josh Winter partnered with Patrick Conolly to win the doubles. Gaylene Jones and Melanie Stevenson were runners-up. A clean sweep to Cashmere.

Josh also prevailed over his friend and National Doubles partner, Levi Franks to win the singles 10/8. John Borner from St Martins was third.

Detailed results for the doubles is at
Detailed results for the singles is at

Manager Cheryl Morrall with the doubles winners Josh Winter and Patrick Conolly
Doubles runners-up Gaylene Jones and Melanie Stevenson
Singles winner Josh Winter
Singles runner-up Levi Franks
Third place John Borner