CCA AC Grade Champs

The AC Grade Champs were held at United on 26-27 February. The weather was cool but dry and the lawns were slow. The event was combined with the silver badge competition and 18 players competed in four grades, with the premier grade being cancelled due to lack of entries.

The 18-24 grade was won by Betty Hall with 5/6 with Jim Hopley in second with 4/6. Alister Newey beat Bruce Wright for the 10-16 silver badge.

Eight players competed for the 4-9 Grade. In the qualifying blocks on Saturday, Carolyn Fordyce was unbeaten with excellent wins against two lower bisqued opponents. In the other block Steve Costigan was also unbeaten. They were joined in the gold block on Sunday by Owen Evans and Cheryl Hopley who did very well playing off a 9 handicap. The silver block on Sunday was won by Jono Hart, whilst the gold block was very close, finishing with three players on 2 wins. Net points were used as a tie-breaker and Carolyn was the unlucky third, with Owen runner-up and Steve the victor.

The 0-3.5 grade was won by Josh Winter who was unbeaten. His shooting on Sunday was some of the best I can remember seeing.

Many thanks to the United club for hosting the event, Ian Campbell for umpiring over the weekend, Jenny Clarke for helping managing and John Yarrall for making new hoop holes.

Chris Clarke

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