CCA GC Handicap doubles

This competition was held on Sunday 20 February 2022 at Fendalton Park Croquet Club.

There were 12 teams from 7 different clubs in Canterbury with player handicaps ranging from -5 to 14. The competition was fierce, the lawns were great, the weather was perfect and the sportsmanship was outstanding. There were two Round Robins of 6 teams with the top two from each block playing a semi-final with the winners playing a final for overall winner and runner-up and the losers playing for 3 and 4 positions. Determining the top two teams from each round robin block was a close contest with nothing certain until the final round was played.

The final result was a team of grandfather and grandson winning the trophy. Owen Evans and Patrick Connolly from Cashmere are the CCA GC Doubles Handicap winners. Runners up were Helen Webber and Nigel Grondin from Hornby. Third position went to Jono Hart from St James playing with Emily Marstella from Cashmere against John Borner and Mike Bunce from St Martins. Thanks must go to Bruce Clay for being the referee for the day; to Mike Dawson who was up very early to set up the lawns; and to Esme Burt and her team for the great catering offered during the day.

All in all a very pleasant day with some lovely croquet played.

Vilna Gough-Jones
Tournament Manager

Winners, Owen Evans, manager Vilna Gough-Jones, Patrick Connolly
Vilna Gough-Jones with runners up, Helen Webber, Nigel Grondin
Vilna Gough-Jones with third place Jono Hart & Emily Marstella