CCA AC Grades Tournament

The Canterbury Croquet Association’s Grades Championship in Association Croquet was held on the weekend of 16th and 17th of January 2021 at the Barrington Park Croquet Club.  Unfortunately, there were only eight entries including three from South Canterbury and the only other blemish on the tournament was the drenching rain that fell for about forty minutes on Sunday morning.

The hospitality of Barrington Park Croquet Club members was much appreciated and the weather generally pleasant.  With so few entries, and a CCA requirement that an event has at least four entries, two grades were formed.  In the top grade covering players with handicaps of 4 to 5, Leo van Oosten (Holmes Park) won all three games in the round robin.  He ended as runner-up being defeated in the final by Geraldine Murphy (United).  This win moved her handicap to 3.5.

The other grade for players with handicaps of 6 to 12, was won by Steve Costigan (United) with Gail Benseman (Waireka) runner-up.  It was good to hear so many players discussing other opportunities for AC play and saying they will be back next year.

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