South Island Championship – Entries and billets wanted

The CNZ South Island AC Championship will be played in Canterbury Wednesday 12 to Sunday 16 December 2018. Headquarters is United Croquet Club and other clubs may be used if required. Canterbury players are encouraged to enter. You can enter via the CNZ website.

Events will be:

  • Open Doubles
  • Open Singles
  • Singles 0 to 3
  • Singles 4 and over


Accommodation is needed for players entering the Championships.  We are canvassing players right across the country to enter this event. As you will appreciate, travelling from another part of the country to play in a croquet competition may be a fair hunk of dosh, so we can make it easier for players to enter if some kind members of our croquet fraternity could host some players as billets for this event. Please let our Accommodation Officer know what may be offered. You may charge for a billet, typically between $30 and $50. To be negotiated.
Contact Owen Evans, phone: 338 8294, email: