Changes to GC and AC handicapping and GC Rules

Changes have been made to the AC handicapping system, the GC handicapping system and to the GC Rules. These changes are in force now and it is essential that players understand them before they start playing for the season.

Golf Croquet

GC Rules

A new version of the GC Rules has been approved and is now in force. There are a number of significant changes, so it is essential that players understand the changes before they play competitively this season.

Information on the new rules are available:
The A6-size booklet that can be ordered from CNZ: 2018 GC Rules
A 2-page summary of the Principal Changes
An 11-page explanation of the Rationale for the changes
Official Rulings effective 1 October 2018

A session on the new GC rules will be held on Saturday 22 September at 9:00am at United Croquet Club, followed by a club captain’s meeting with Jonathan Hart at 10.30am.
Parking is limited, so please car-pool and park in the public car park, or elsewhere if possible.

GC Handicapping changes

The number of index points gained or lost for level doubles games has changed.

Croquet New Zealand will not print new GC AHS cards until their current stock is used. They will be providing stickers that can be pasted over the table that has changed.

Meanwhile, you can use these GC AHS Charts. One side is used before handicap games to work out the number of extra turns. The other side is used after the game to work out the number of index point gained or lost.

Association Croquet Handicapping

The Automatic Handicapping System for AC has changed and now applies to all AC games. This change now aligns the New Zealand system with the system used in Australia and United Kingdom. That means, if you play in Australia or the UK, or if their players play in New Zealand. everyone can use their AHS cards as they would at home. It will avoid the messy conversions that used to be necessary.

The new system will mean a change in you index points and to your handicap for most players.

Before you use your AC AHS card see your club handicapper who will make the necessary changes. The instructions for making the changes are: AC Handicap changes 2018.

New AC AHS cards will be printed soon but you can use the charts on the new AC AHS Card meanwhile.

Details of the CCA management committee are now on the website here.