Update to interclub competitions

AC Interclub (one division)

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Winner: United (Geraldine Murphy, Bruce Mclay, Pam Hurst, Mary Morrison)Runner-up: Rangiora (Carol Kidd, Leone Woodward, Neville Turner, Lyn Turner)

Winner: St James Park (Graham Button, Diana Howes, Koreene Fowler, Patsy Clegg)
Runner-up: St Martins (Max Joines, Marion Hastie, Jean Shewan, ?)

The final between the block winners was played on Tuesday 5 December; a scorchingly hot day at United. The game score was 3-3 but United won with 4 net points.

GC Interclub

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Division 1:
Winner: Hornby
Runner up : Akaroa

Division 2:
Winner: Fendalton Park A
Runner up: Hornby

Division 3:
Winner: Cashmere
Runner up: Hornby

Once again there were very hot playing conditions for the Division 2 and Division 3 Playoffs.

Johnson Memorial

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Block results

Winner: St James (Jono Hart, Marguaritte Rogers)
Runner-up: Holmes Park (Allan Cook, Rita Yardley)
Winner: St James (Patsy Clegg, Koreene Fowler)
Runner-up: United (Sally Jeffcott, Kevin Cusack)
Winner: Rangiora (Neville Turner, Lyn Turner)
Runner-up: United (Geraldine Murphy, Pam Hurst)
Winner: United (Tony O’Donnell, Lena Metcalf)
Runner-up: Barrington (Hugh  Thomson, Gretchen Tong)

Again the playoffs were played under hot sunshine and on fast lawns at United.

United Yellow beat St James Blue
Rangiora Black beat St James Red

United Yellow (with Tony Thompson standing in for Lena) beat Rangiora Black 8-6