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CCA GC Doubles Handicap

The CCA Golf Croquet Doubles Handicap competition was held at Fendalton Park Croquet Club on Sunday 24 November. The weather was kind to us: the forecast was for 28 degrees, but cloud and an easterly breeze kept the temperature down.

There were 13 pairs entered and games were played in two blocks with the winners of each block playing off for the trophy. The clear winner of block A was Gae Keng and Joan Bradford from Fendalton and the winner on net points in Block B was Josh Winter and James Duggan from Cashmere.

The final was a tense game with extra turns being used wisely and the winners of the day were Gae Keng and Joan Bradford with Runner up being Josh Winter and James Duggan. The second team in each block played for third place and this was between Jono Hart (St James) and Mike Bunce (St Martins) against Terry Green and Liz Partridge from Rangiora. Liz and Terry managed to take out third place.

It was great to have Lyn from Ryman Health, our sponsor for the tournament to be there to present the trophies.

The competition was good, there was a pleasant atmosphere, great facilities, some lovely croquet, and a good day was had by all. It was pleasing to see members from a number of clubs participating.

Gae Keng and Joan Bradford, winners of the 2019 CCA GC Handicap Doubles with Lyn (centre) from Ryman Health, our sponsor for the tournament

Atkins Results

16 people played at United Croquet Club on 4 lawns the morning of Saturday 6 April.

The top 2 teams from each block went to play for the various finals. Thus making 4 teams in the Atkins main event and 4 teams for the plate in a single round Robin . This was due to be played on 16 March but was postponed due to circumstances to Saturday 6 April.

Strong play was had for both finals. With the main event most of games going to time of 1 hour compared to the plate where the games were shorter.

Play was played on very slow damp lawns due to recent rain the days before.

The main event was not decided until the last round. With the Cashmere school boys of Josh Winter and Flynn Moses-Jones winning on net points from Fendalton Park’s Cheryl Morrall and Grace Leitch, both winning 2 games.

The plate was a lot more straight-forward with St James Park’s Jonathan Hart and Nicky Adams taking this out with 3 / 3 wins.

Full results for all of the Atkins event is on Croquet Scores at

Jonathan Hart

AC and GC 2019 Silver Badges

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Not sure if any thing went up bout AC, if sorry sorry for double up, if not here it is

The AC Silver Badge was played at Barrington Park Croquet Club on 2 March with 6 people, 3 in the 4-9 grade and 3 in the 10-16 grade.
The winners were Leo Van OoSten (4-9) winning 3 out of 3 games
and Kevin Cusack (10-16) winning 3 out of 3 games.

The GC Silver Badge was played in damp conditions at United on 10 March.
There were 4 people in -6 to 2, 5 people in 3 to 5, 4 people in 6 to 8 and 6 people in 9-16.
-6 to 2 was run as a double round robin with Jonathan Hart (St James Park) winning all 6 games,
3 to 5 was single block with Josh Winter (Cashmere) being the overall winner winning 3 out of 4 games.
6 to 8 was also run as a double block with Hugh Catto (Holmes Park) winner (4/6). The last game happened to be the final against Cashmere Gay Jones
9 to 16 was a single round, with Flyn Mosses Jones (Cashmere) winning all 6 games.

It is hoped to put on Croquet Scores

Secondary Schools CCA competition

The Canterbury secondary schools  GC competition was played at Barrington Park Croquet Club on Wednesday 13 March.

11 teams competed enthusiastically for the 4 places we have in the national finals being held in Canterbury on 7th and 8th September. Although skill and experience varied there was no lack of enthusiasm and everybody’s game responded to the challenges. Of those registered and eligible to qualify, the following teams have been nominated to represent Canterbury:

1. Myles Duggan & Levi Franks from Cashmere High School
2. Josh Winter & James Duggan from Cashmere High School
3. Yani Rutherford & Molly Campbell from St Margaret’s College
4. Hazel Skjellerup & Dylan Hunter from Rudolf Steiner School

Winners Levi Franks and Myles Duggan of Cashmere High School


World Women’s GC, GC Grade and CCA Open

WCF GC Women’s World Championship

The 2019 GC Women’s World Championship is being played at Heretaunga and Marewa croquet clubs, Hawkes Bay 2 to 9 February 2019.

United member Jenny Clarke reached the semi-final where she was beaten by Soha Mostafa of Egypt. The match went to the full five games and Soha won the final game 7-6. The other three players in the semis are all from Egypt. Thirteen of the 56-strong field are from Egypt and everyone of them made it to the 32-player knockout.

Full results are at

More information on the championship is at


The 2019 Canterbury Croquet AC Open was contested by 6 players. This entry is typical of many AC events and indicates the declining numbers of AC players in local clubs. A number of Christchurch clubs now have few if any AC players. By way of contrast, the number of GC club members continues to rise.

The Open was held at the St James Park Club in Christchurch on 2 and 3 February 2019. The lawns were running close to 12 seconds and the “Quadway” hoops were firm. These conditions were the reason for the low scores by players and the only peg outs were by runner-up Peter Parkinson (2) and the ultimate winner Ian Campbell (1).

Full results are at

CCA GC Grades

The CCA GC Grades were played on Waitangi Day, Wednesday 6 February 2019.

The premier, senior and primary grades were played at Fendalton Park Croquet Club and managed by Vilna Gough-Jones. The intermediate grade was played at Cashmere Croquet Club and was managed by Janet Scott.

The premier grade, with 6 entries, was won by Jason Hodgett (Aorangi) with Logan McCorkindale (Waireka) runner-up.

The senior grade, with 8 entries, was won by Josh Winter (Cashmere) with Joan Simpson (Aorangi) runner-up.

The intermediate grade, with 7 entries, was won by Rachel McLeod (Cashmere) with runner-up Levi Franks (Cashmere).

The primary grade, with 10 entries, was won by Flynn Moses-Jones (Cashmere) with Mark Winter (Cashmere) runner-up.

Full results can be downloaded here.

Premier grade winner Jason Hodgett (Aorangi) with Kathy Reese from BUPA – our sponsors
CCA president Owen Evans with senior grade winner Josh Winter (Cashmere)
CCA president Owen Evans with primary grade winner Flynn Moses-Jones (Cashmere)

2018 Interclub results

Below are results for the Johnson memorial, GC Interclub and the AC Interclub

Johnson Memorial

The Johnson Memorial competition was played in three blocks (blue, black and red) of six pairs.

The block rounds were scheduled to be played on Saturday mornings from 6 October to 24 November 2018. However, because of bad weather, many games had to rescheduled and the last game was played on 4 December.

Seven pairs played in the final on Sunday 9 December 2018. This was played as a knockout.

2018/19 winners were Marguaritte Rogers & Wendy Robinson (St James Park red)
Runners-up were Tony O’Donnell & Lena Metcalf (United black 2)

Full results of all games are on Croquet Scores:

Team names, draws, rules and past winners are on the Johnson Memorial page.

The seven teams in the play-off knockout

Golf Croquet Interclub

The GC interclub was played in three divisions. Games were scheduled to be played on Fridays, but weather meant that several games were played at other times.

Division 1 had seven teams and played from 12 October to 7 December 2018.
Hornby and United B won 5 of their 6 games. Teams get 2 point for each outright match win and 1.5 points for a match won on net hoops with a 5-5 game score. United made 9.5 points against 9 points for Hornby, so United is the winner. The results on Croquet Scores shows net games (labelled Net Hoops) which does not apply to this competition.

Division 2 was played in two blocks of six teams. Block play was 5 October to 23 November 2018 and the playoffs from 30 November to 7 December again because of weather.
The top two teams from each block played a knockout with Cashmere winning and Holmes Park runner-up.

Division 3 was played in two blocks of seven teams. Block play was 5 October to 30 November 2018 and the playoff was played 21 December between the block winners, both Rangiora. The final match result was 5 games each with equal net hoops, so the two Rangiora teams are first equal.

Full results of all games are on Croquet Scores: Note that the Net Hoops column does not apply to this competition.

Team names, draws, rules and past winners are on the GC Interclub page.

Association Croquet Interclub

The AC interclub was played as a single division. It started with eight teams, but Rangiora pulled out leaving seven teams. United Black and Holmes Park both won five matches but United won on competition points.

Full results of all games are on Croquet Scores:  Note that the Net Hoops column does not apply to this competition.

Team names, draws, rules and past winners are on the AC Interclub page.

Changes to GC and AC handicapping and GC Rules

Changes have been made to the AC handicapping system, the GC handicapping system and to the GC Rules. These changes are in force now and it is essential that players understand them before they start playing for the season.

Golf Croquet

GC Rules

A new version of the GC Rules has been approved and is now in force. There are a number of significant changes, so it is essential that players understand the changes before they play competitively this season.

Information on the new rules are available:
The A6-size booklet that can be ordered from CNZ: 2018 GC Rules
A 2-page summary of the Principal Changes
An 11-page explanation of the Rationale for the changes
Official Rulings effective 1 October 2018

A session on the new GC rules will be held on Saturday 22 September at 9:00am at United Croquet Club, followed by a club captain’s meeting with Jonathan Hart at 10.30am.
Parking is limited, so please car-pool and park in the public car park, or elsewhere if possible.

GC Handicapping changes

The number of index points gained or lost for level doubles games has changed.

Croquet New Zealand will not print new GC AHS cards until their current stock is used. They will be providing stickers that can be pasted over the table that has changed.

Meanwhile, you can use these GC AHS Charts. One side is used before handicap games to work out the number of extra turns. The other side is used after the game to work out the number of index point gained or lost.

Association Croquet Handicapping

The Automatic Handicapping System for AC has changed and now applies to all AC games. This change now aligns the New Zealand system with the system used in Australia and United Kingdom. That means, if you play in Australia or the UK, or if their players play in New Zealand. everyone can use their AHS cards as they would at home. It will avoid the messy conversions that used to be necessary.

The new system will mean a change in you index points and to your handicap for most players.

Before you use your AC AHS card see your club handicapper who will make the necessary changes. The instructions for making the changes are: AC Handicap changes 2018.

New AC AHS cards will be printed soon but you can use the charts on the new AC AHS Card meanwhile.

Details of the CCA management committee are now on the website here.

Draft CCA 2018-19 calendar released

Jonathan Hart, CCA Tournament Convenor, has released the draft calendar for 2018-19.

You can download a PDF version or view individual months here.

Jono has requested clubs to provide a list of teams and their handicaps by 1 August for GC interclub and AC interclub and their preference for Monday or Tuesday for each AC team.  Clubs can have as many teams as they like, but be mindful of reserves.

If a club has players that would like to play, but can’t form a team for whatever reason then also let Jono know names and handicaps as he may be able to form a combined teams from different clubs. Like wise, if your club has players that are willing to be a reserve for any club also let him know.

Jono will then collate the teams and decide if:
a) We am going to have a Monday or Tuesday or both for AC interclub (this will depend on how many teams there are and their preferences.
b) If he needs to alter any divisions.

Once Jono gets all this information he will let clubs know which day AC inter club is and the new criteria (if any) ASAP. He will then ask clubs for final team names for AC interclub, Johnson and GC interclub. This will need to be with Jono round 18 August and he will then work on the draws etc and have them ready for the club captains for 22 Sept.

Interclub is due to start around the 5 Oct onwards (depending on teams etc) and finish round the 8 Dec

The CCA play-off tentative dates and venues are:

Event Date Venue
Beginners Day Sun 2 Dec St James
AC inter club play offs early Dec United
GC inter club Play off early Dec United
Johnson Play off Sat 8, Sun 9 Dec St Martins
CCA Arthur Ross play-off Sun 10 Feb Barrington
CCA Don Reyland play-off Sun 17 Feb Elmwood
AC silver badge Sun 3 March Barrington
GG silver badge Sun 10 March Holmes Park
Atkins final 9 or 16 April Fendalton depending on format
CCA closing day early April yet to be decided

Canterbury runners-up in South Island Teams tournament

Canterbury competed in the Annual South Island Teams tournament held at Ashburton on the 7 and 8 April. This is normally played at Waireka club, but due to their lawn refurbishment it was held at the smaller Allenton club.  This year it was Golf Croquet.  The Canterbury team was Jonathan Hart (premier), Marguaritte Rogers (senior), Tim Slack (Intermediate) and Tony Waters (primary).

With teams from Nelson, Canterbury, South Canterbury (2 teams), Otago and Southland most of the South Island associations were represented.

The winners were Nelson with 23 out of a possible 30 games.  Runners-up were Canterbury with 17 from 30, with South Canterbury Green and Otago close behind.

The weather started off on the Saturday quite wet with the lawn that we started playing on being almost unplayable, but thankfully the weather did improve. The weather on the Sunday was much better for playing croquet.

The format was 5 games of singles on the Saturday against the other associations and 5 games of doubles (with Premier and Senior pairing up and Intermediate and Primary pairing up).

Over all it was an enjoyable weekend with good croquet, good food and good company.

The full results are on Croquet Scores at:

The Canterbury team
The winning Neslon team with the tournament managers


Jono Hart



Don Reyland Stars Tournament national final

Thirteen entrants played in the national final of the Don Reyland Stars Tournament held at the Fendalton Park Croquet Club on the weekend of the 10th and 11th March 2018. The tournament was run as a full round robin with seven rounds on Saturday and six on Sunday. The weather was pleasant with little cloud or wind and reasonable temperatures after the cool nights meaning the lawns had a heavy dew initially. The tournament was managed by Tony O’Donnell and Chris Clarke was referee.

Handicaps varied between -4 (Brian Bullen of Wellington) and 10 (Laura Sutherland of Bay of Plenty) with the latter being undefeated in seven games on the Saturday and the former undefeated in five games on the Sunday. All players won between a quarter and three quarters of their twelve games with Laura Sutherland and Geoff Vautier both winning nine games. Laura took the Gold Star with a net hoop difference of 32 and Geoff the Silver with 22 net hoops.

Full results are at Croquet Scores.

The Don Reyland Stars Tournament is a handicap golf croquet event played at club level, with club representatives playing at an association event with the winner playing in the national final.