Geoffrey Naylor Award
for the Most Improved Player of the Year

This CCA award is presented to the player with the greatest  increase in points on their handicap index earned over the season.
Geoffrey Naylor Award Rules

Season Golf Croquet Association Croquet
2017-18 To be decided To be decided
2016-17 Louis Inglewood (Fendalton Park) Ian Campbell (Barrington Park)
2015-16 Julie Mills (Fendalton Park) Ian Campbell (Barrington Park)
2014-15 Susan Bonfield (Cashmere) Pamela Hurst (United)
2013-14 Tom Devlin (Fendalton Park) Kent Caddick (St James Park)
2012-13 Chris Curwood (United) Kent Caddick (St James Park)
2011-12 Murray Tamblyn (Fendalton Park) Ken Kinzett (St James Park)
2009-10 Linda Humphries Richard Kimberley (United)

Rules for the Geoffrey Naylor Award for the Most Improved Player of the year

CNZ Merit Awards

Croquet New Zealand introduced Merit Awards as an incentive for Association players to improve their playing standards. Further information on the CNZ Merit Awards.

Canterbury players who have earned awards are listed below.


September 2008 Jonathan Hart (Fendalton Park)
October 2008 Laura Whittaker (Edgeware)
October 2008 Jonathan Hart (Fendalton Park)
November 2008 Craig Curtis ( Cashmere)
March 2009 Nicholas Ashley (St James Park)
March 2009 Zachary Ashley (St James Park)
March 2009 Margaret Murdoch (Barrington Park)
March 2009 Glen Whittaker (Edgeware)
March 2009 Jonathan Fletcher (United)
April 2009 Bruce McLay (United)
April 2009 Lis Hunter (St James Park)
October 2009 Richard Kimberley (Sumner)
April 2010 Craig Curtis (Cashmere)
February 2011 Dennis Welham (Barrington)
September 2011 Ross Heasley (Kaiapoi)
September 2011 Marguaritte Rogers (St James Park)
September 2012 Kent Caddick (St James Park)
March 2012 Owen Evans (Cashmere)
March 2013 Ian Campbell (St Martins)
April 2013 Carol Kidd (St James Park)
April 2015 Hugh Thomson (Barrington Park)
April 2015 Graeme Thomas (Barrington Park)


October 2007 John Yarrall (United)
December 2007 Magnus McGee (United)
February 2008 Tony O’Donnell (United)
February 2009 Zachary Ashley (St James Park)
March 2009 Laura Whittaker (Edgeware)
February 2010 Glen Whittaker (Edgeware)
April 2010 Nicholas Ashley (St James Park)
April 2010 Richard Butler (St James Park)
March 2012 Jonathan Hart (St James Park)
March 2012 Frank Williams (Kaiapoi)
March 2013 Marguaritte Rogers (St James Park)
April 2013 Margaret Lane (St James Park)
October 2013 Owen Evans (Cashmere)
March 2014 Kent Caddick (St James Park)
March 2015 Ian Campbell(Barrington Park)


January 2010 Jared Keeman (United)
April 2010 Seth Bennett (United)