Maud Trainor Competition for Golf Croquet



The 2016 winner is Gill Hindshaw  of Fendalton Park Club with a 100% success rate and the runner-up is Bill Worley of United Club.
The Swiss format has proven to be successful and there were 29 happy competitors.
Until 2010, the competition ran as a singles and doubles AC event in the 3rd week of February. Subsequently, golf croquet was added, but in 2016 the tournament became solely a handicap GC Swiss event.


The Maud Trainor competition was set up by former CCA President, Senior Referee and Life Member to foster social  croquet for the over 65’s. It began in 1981 and Maud herself played in it for 25 years, and until this year presented the edible prizes to the winner and runner-up.
Maud passed away in June 2016, six months before her
100th birthday.

Maud Trainor